AG provides array of engineering services on projects for city, state and federal agencies as well as private sector:


AG’s designs evaluate the best systems for specific projects based on location, energy efficiency, flexibility, noise, cost, maintenance and each system’s various advantages and disadvantages. Design expertise includes:

• Heating
• Ventilation
• Air Conditioning
• Fire Life Safety
• Automatic Temperature Controls
• Central and Packaged Air Conditioners
• Refrigeration Power Plants
• Replacement of Boilers
• Heating Power Plants including High and Low-Pressure Steam
• Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump (Open Loop & Closed Loop)
• Single-Effect Absorption Chiller
• Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller
• Gas Fired Units
• Radiant Floor Heating System
• Snow Melting System
• Dry Steam Humidification System
• Dehumidification System
• Demand controlled (DCV)

CUNY City College Marshak Lab Renovations


AG has a tremendous Electrical Engineering design experience. This includes High Voltage, Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, Overhead and Power Distribution Systems for Large Transformer Projects for Transit, Stations, Airports, Education Facilities, Prisons and Courthouses.

Design expertise includes:
• Power Distribution
• Solar Power Distribution
• Lighting System Design
• Interior Lighting
• Exterior Lighting
• Exit Lighting
• Emergency Lighting
• Carbon Monoxide Detection
• Electrical Power including Normal and Emergency
• Central Controls
• Elevators
• Lightning Protection
• Grounding System

Fire Life Safety Systems:
• Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
• Occupant Notification Systems
• Smoke Control
• Smoke Exhaust
• Stair Tower Pressurization Systems
• Specialized Hazard Suppression Systems
• Very Early Warning Detection Systems
• Infra-Red Sensors
• Key Lock-Out
• Intrusion Alarms

CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College ADA Bathroom Upgrades


Our engineers interface with the utility companies and agency such as Con Edison and the DEP to provide new domestic water service, sprinkler water service, natural gas service, and sewer service. We are very familiar with Con Edison and the DEP. Design expertise includes:

• Sanitary, Site, Storm Drainage System
• Cold & Hot Water System
• Compressed Air & Medical Gases
• Natural Gas/Liquefied Petroleum Gas
• Standpipe System

GSA Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse

Fire Protection

AG engineers are experts in conceptual engineering, detail engineering, construction documents and construction observation on City and State projects. We design new sprinkler systems and renovate existing sprinkler systems to meet or exceed building code requirements. We interface with the Department of Buildings (DOB) and the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) or the local agencies to ensure proper compliance and signoffs. Design expertise includes:

• Sprinkler System (Wet/Dry)
• Stand Pipe System
• Fire Suppression System
• Fire Extinguisher System
• Manual or Automatic Alarm Initiating Devices
• Sprinkler Water Flow Switches
• Sprinkler Valve Tamper Switches

NYCDPR Bushwick Inlet Park District HQ & Community Facility

Construction Management

AG staff are experienced and knowledgeable in construction management principles, practices, and methods to meet the needs of project owners. Our team adds value to each project through leadership, cost control, schedule enforcement, reporting, document control and quality assurance. Typical services we provide include:

• Design & Constructability Review
• Contract Administration
• Project Scheduling and Review
• Construction Observation & Reporting
• Cost and Quality Control
• Project Documentation
• Construction Closeout & Punch list
• Monitoring Construction Practices and Schedules
• Verifying Compliance with Plans and Specifications
• Reports and Record Keeping

Statute of Liberty

LEED Green Building

Our commitment to quality is an integral element of each of our professional efforts. We are committed to “Green Building Design” including reduced energy use and demand through passive solar techniques, geothermal systems and integrated building design. Many AG staff are LEED-Accredited Professionals with the experience and knowledge necessary for the development of successful LEED-certified buildings.

We offer sustainable design strategies including:
• Underfloor air distribution systems
• Displacement cooling and ventilation
• Natural ventilation systems and double wall design
• Radiant cooling and heating
• Geothermal/groundwater source heating/cooling
• Energy recovery
• Thermal storage via ice/water
• Filtration technologies
• Water conservation and reclamation measures including graywater systems
• Daylighting and high-efficiency lighting solutions

Alternate energy supply concepts include:
• Photovoltaic (system integrated)
• Cogeneration (combined heating, cooling, and power generation)
• Fuel cell power generation systems
• On-site power generation/peaking facilities

NYCT New Fulton Street Transit Center Station Complex

IT Security Communications

AG engineers are expert in telecommunications, audiovisual, and security design that coordinate with engineering and lighting design disciplines, and integrate multiple technologies to create innovative solutions to both simple and complex challenges.
Design expertise includes:

Data/Telecommunications Systems:
• Local Area Networks (LAN)
• Wide Area Networks (WAN)
• Local Operating Networks (LON)
• Wireless Topographies (LAN and WAN)
• Digital and Voice-Over IP Systems (VOIP)
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
• Telephone Systems

Audio/Visual Systems:
• Public Address Systems
• Sound Reinforcement Systems
• Classroom Audio Enhancement
• Media and Presentation Management Systems
• Smart Classrooms

Security Systems:
• Access Control Systems
• CCTV Surveillance Systems
• Intrusion Detection Systems
• Perimeter and Site Protection Systems
• Emergency Communications Systems
• Asset Control Systems
• Security Management Systems (PLC)
• Graphic User Interface Operator Interface Controls

NYCDPR Bushwick Inlet Park District HQ & Community Facility

Special Inspections

AG has been accredited by the International Accreditation Service™ (IAS) since 2012 and is registered with the New York City Department of Buildings as a Class 1 Special Inspection Agency. Our team is ready to assist building owners who are seeking to comply with the latest revisions to the NYC building code. Categories include:

• Sprinkler Systems
• Standpipe Systems
• Firestop, Draftstop & Fireblock Systems
• Fire Alarm Test
• Emergency Power
• Systems (Generators)
• Exterior Insulation
• Finish Systems (EIFS)
• Mechanical Systems
• Fuel-Oil Storage & Piping Systems
• Site Storm Drainage
• Disposal & Detention Facilities
• Heating Systems

ESD Farley Building Redevelopment

Traction Power

AG’s senior engineers have over 70 years of combined experience in the design, installation, commissioning and startup of transit substation projects for transportation agencies. Design expertise includes:

• Third Rail Design
• Substation Design
• Evaluation of Power Quality
• Analysis of Traction Electrification System Impact on Utility Power Supplies

NYCT Cranberry Tube


At AG we wholly support the ideals of BIM because we understand that embracing its objectives will deliver an efficient, coordinated and well-designed project, giving rise to greater cost efficiency throughout the design, construction and life cycle phases of the project.
Software at the forefront of building modelling technology is essential to the design process within the BIM environment. AG use modelling software and accept most file formats enabling us to fully integrate ourselves with our fellow professionals; this also provides object interoperability in accordance with industry standard BIM guidance and protocols

MNR Harmon Shop Replacement Program – Phase V