MNR Harmon Yard Phase V Stage I is winding down construction. A design-build project, it is a continuation of a Metro-North Railroad’s Harmon Shop Replacement Program. The primary and ultimate objective of Phase V is to design build two buildings, an Electrical Multiple Units (EMU) shop and a Consist Shop Facility.

MNR Customer Service Initiative (CSI) Design Build New Cable Plan to Support AV & Facility Enhancements in GCT was awarded to the Halmar/A.G. Consulting Engineering, PC. The Metro-North Railroad (MNR) implementation of multi-part and multi-phase Customer Service Initiative (CSI) Projects in Grand Central Terminal (GCT) to improve and upgrade the level of information being provided to its customers.

CM-1568 to CM-1575 – Indefinite Quantity Architectural/Engineering Design Services for Federally-Funded Miscellaneous Construction and Security Projects, SSE# 0000149431 has been awarded. AGCE will provide design services for federal-funded miscellaneous construction projects on an as-needed task order basis as a subconsultant. AGCE will provide in-house design and technical support when such services are determined by the NYCT to be required for any construction project. The term of the contract is 2018 through 2022.

Design-Build Installation of Facility- Wide Electronic Monitoring and Detection Systems at Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Facilities Contract BW-39/RK60 is awarded to Transcore. AGCE is providing HVAC design upgrade of an existing air conditioning unit under the Design-Build of a new Facility-Wide Electronic Monitoring and Detection Systems (EDMS) at the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and Robert F. Kennedy Bridge for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bridges and Tunnels (MTA B&T).

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